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About Energizer®



Beyond batteries and lighting, our real product is bringing positive energy to the world

Energizer® simple solutions for an on-the-go world full of technology and connectivity. Ever since we created the world’s first consumer battery in 1896, as well as the very first torch two years later, our mission has been to innovate with both performance and responsibility in mind in order to give you power that you can use and depend on. Operating in over 160 countries worldwide, we use your fresh perspectives to constantly challenge and progress our surroundings. From the products we create, to the global initiatives we support, we design with a focus on people and the planet, enabling you to have a positive and powerful impact on the world around you by doing, enjoying and accomplishing more than ever before.

Energizer Holdings, Inc., headquartered ¡n St. Louis, Missouri, USA, is one of the world’s largest manufacturers of primary batteries and portable lighting products and is anchored by its
globally recognized brands Energizer, Eveready, Rayovac, and Varta. Energizer is also a leading designer and marketer of automotive fragrance and appearance products from
recognized brands such as A/C Pro, Armor All, Bahama & Co., California Scents®, Driven, Eagle Ones, Lexol®, Nu Finish, Refresh Your Car!, and STP.

As a global branded distributor of consumer products, our mission is to lead the charge to deliver value to our customers and consumers better than anyone else.