When it comes to the outdoors, Energizer® has the perfect light to suit your needs. Whether it's work or play, there's a range of flashlights, lanterns, and headlamps to light your way.

Completing a home repair job quickly or getting the most satisfaction out of a hobby depends on using both your hands. This can be difficult if you need to hold a flashlight to see what you are doing.

That’s where a really great headlight comes into play.

Energizer® offers an array of lightweight, comfortable, durable and long-lasting headlamps that helps you get the job done.

Whether it’s a DIY wiring project at home or tinkering under the bonnet, an Energizer® headlamp gives you brilliant light that allows you to finish up with no additional stress. Move about with ease and have a clear view in the tightest, darkest spots. It also comes in handy during power outages.

When you are hiking through the darkness or camping in the middle of nowhere, an Energizer® headlamp is the best friend that you could have. They are also ideal for other hobbies such as rock climbing, caving, cycling or running. For more extreme endeavors, Energizer® offers water-resistant and shatter-proof models.

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