A History of Innovation

From inventing the world’s first consumer battery to the pioneering leak-proof PowerSeal™ Technology, Energizer® has always blazed a trail that has not only changed the industry but also the world. Take a quick tour of our many firsts and accomplishments that made history.


1896 – Energizer® invents the world’s first consumer battery. This revolutionary portable power source is used to power early automobiles and telephones.

1898 – The flashlight is invented by Energizer® – providing a safe alternative to candles and kerosene lamps.


1955 – Energizer® paves the way for the miniaturization of hearing aids with the world’s first hearing aid battery.

1957 – The world’s first watch battery by Energizer® creates new technologies, revolutionising the watch industry.

1959 – Devices perform better and for longer after Energizer® invents the alkaline battery.


1991 – Energizer® creates the world’s first zero-mercury alkaline battery, reducing the number of mercury batteries going into landfills.

1992 – Energizer® leaps into its own category of power with the world’s longest-lasting AA battery.

1997 – The switch to LED lights is led by Energizer®.


2001 – Energizer® creates EZ Change, making it easier to insert miniature batteries into hearing aids.

2004 – The first AAA lithium battery is created by Energizer®, finding its way to small devices like wireless headsets and MP3 players.

2006 – Energizer® introduces Energi To Go® – a battery-operated instant mobile phone charger.


2013 – Energizer® designs the world’s first child-proof packaging for lithium coin cell batteries, keeping kids safe from ingesting these batteries.

2014 – Energizer® offers an industry-changing No-Leak Guarantee.

2015 – Energizer® does the impossible. With Energizer® EcoAdvanced®, it introduces the world’s first AA battery made with 4% recycled batteries.

2016 – The legacy of innovation continues with the introduction of the longest-lasting Energizer MAX®, Energizer® Ultimate Lithium™, and Hearing Aid batteries in the brand’s history. Energizer Recharge® become the world’s first rechargeable batteries produced with 4% recycled batteries.