Good hearing is vital for a fulfilling life. Energizer® Hearing Aid batteries deliver our longest lasting zero-mercury hearing aid batteries ever* with Powerseal Technology protects your devices** so that you will get the best experience out of your hearing aid devices.


    • Our Powerseal Technology keeps power sealed in so your hearing aid devices are better protected from leaks.
    • Energizer® developed the World’s 1st Zero-Mercury Hearing Aid battery. A better choice for you and the environment.
    • User and environmentally friendly packaging. The turnable blister spins easily for battery removal whenever you need it but also locked in position after each battery is dispensed.
    • Long battery tab for easy handling.

Recommended Application

  • Suitable for all types of hearing aid devices – analog or digital hearing devices, behind-the-ear or in-the-ear.

* Based on high drain performance
** From leakage of fully-used batteries up to 1 week at room temperature

*Pack sizes availability and on-pack messaging vary by market.

Energizer® ZERO-MERCURY hearing aid battery

Energizer® has successfully created a better power alternative for hearing aid device users and the environment by eliminating and reducing lead level from its full line of hearing aid batteries. All this was achieved without compromising on the battery performance.

Why is there mercury in hearing aid batteries?

Mercury is a natural occurring element that helps with conductivity and act as a stabilizing element in hearing aid batteries. It is toxic. Even though the amount of mercury in each hearing aid battery is small (about 3%) and non-harmful to users, it can have an accumulative negative effect on the environment.

What does it take to remove mercury from the battery?

Through a combination of new product design, purer raw material and new manufacturing processes, Energizer® has succeed in removing all mercury content, at the same time, reducing lead level in its full line of hearing aid batteries with no compromise to the battery performance.

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